Is the Earth really round?

Between my last post which was basically “Should kids really be fed and given stuff to do?” and this post, I feel like I could just re-title this entire blog “Duh, Yes.”

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We can now add Shaq’s name to the growing list of NBA players who have publicly claimed that the Earth is flat including Kyrie Irving, Wilson Chandler, and Draymond Green.  Now I am definitely not saying that all NBA players are dumb, far from it.  If you looked at any population you are sure to find a section of “flat-earthers.”  Not to mention the NBA has some incredibly smart role models from Chris Bosh who has written articles on coding and computer science education, to Andrew Nicholson who majored in physics at St Bonaventure and even studied quantum mechanics.  Moral of the story, this is not an indictment on the NBA or it’s players, they just happen to have microphones in their face all the time so these moments of utter lunacy are way more damaging than that random person on the subway passing handwritten notes about the earth being hollow.

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Anyways, the point is you don’t have to take my word that the Earth is round, or the word of scientists for thousands of years, or the word of people who have been to space and taken photos of it.  There are a ton of ways that you yourself can confirm that the Earth is round and you can find them here:

Back when I taught Earth Science I used that article in class to show my kids how they can prove the Earth is round themselves.  In fact that entire website is awesome and was actually one of the inspirations for this site.  Check it out for yourselves, and check out Moriel Shottlender’s other articles.

Stay Educated, Educate Yourselves

❤ Keough


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